Stick like glue

Wow! It’s been quite some time since I have been on this thing. But clear the cob webs, I’m back! A lot has happened since I last blogged.

I lived in New York for 6 months with a public relations internship, I’m now a senior in college..OMG and I’m going to be Aunt Katie in March! I’m not quite sure why I stopped making posts. Maybe it was because I was so busy or maybe it’s because I ran out of things to write about..but with my ehh year?  hiatus I have MORE than enough things to write about. My goal in writing this blog is to share some of my past experiences while hopefully sparking some inspiration to live a positive life!

As much as I absolutely loved my experience with my internship in NYC, one thing is for sure—New York chewed me up and spit me back out feeling a little lost. I barely made it out alive.

Ok, maybe not that dramatic, but New York really forced me to step back and take a look at my life with a completely different perspective, a perspective I’m hoping you can relate to :)

When I first arrived in New York I was ALL about having the perfect “New Yorky” style. Screw the running shorts, over-sized half zip sweatshirt and sneakers I wore as my daily uniform for the past 3 years. I was ready for a NY black ensemble complete with a fierce walk while I constantly reminded myself NOT to say sorry when I bumped into people on the streets of Manhattan.

I was determined to fit in—but I failed at this many different times. The first time I got slapped in the face with the reality that I was NOT a “New Yorker” was through my experience with the subway system. I  learned that to city goers who actually know what they’re doing, watching some idiotic blonde run around the subway is quite entertaining. I started each day running around with my head cut off yelling “um which way is the F train? How do I get uptown? Oh is this the downtown train? Wait shit!! I was supposed to take the E train!”

I once intended to go from 34th Street to 57th Street (seems pretty simple) but I somehow ended up crossing the Brooklyn Bridge and being hours away from home with a dead cell phone and no cash—but that’s beside the point.

I was SO caught up in changing and focused on becoming a New York fashionista that I really lost myself. I must have left Katie on the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge when I had my first (yes I had many) directional extravaganza.

Without even realizing. it had been a week and just like that, she was gone.

I peaced out on the, smiley sure-of-herself Katie like a pair of last season UGG boots.

Have you ever done something similar?

Have you ever felt so good about yourself, so incredibly sure of your identity–and then a friend tells you that’s “annoying” or “not cool” and you ditch that habit faster than a clingy dude at the bars?

Well maybe you haven’t. But I think at each stage in our life we face obstacles and we struggle with an issue so difficult, that we decide if we just change a couple of exterior things everything will be better.

With such unhappiness, I completely checked out of even having feelings. I had put every ounce of my energy into fitting in, that I didn’t even realize how much time I had let pass by. I left behind every value and attitude I ever had leaving me with some emotionless stranger.

Now that I’m back at school, I can clearly see that the biggest mistake I ever made was leaving myself behind when I first arrived in New York. So now I am determined to hold on to all of the thoughts, attitudes and beliefs that make up Katie. I never want to lose who I really am again.

Easier said than done.

We live in a world that is constantly trying to change us. The fashion industry telling us that we will be happy if we buy the latest overpriced handbag and health magazines telling us that if we don’t have a thigh gap…well you better get one.

No thanks. These industries aren’t to blame. It’s there job to make readers and consumers feel like they “need” what is being advertised. But it is our job to stick like glue to who we really are.

Happiness doesn’t come from clothes or shoes or hot boyfriends (well maybe hot boyfriends—but you have to love yourself first).

Happiness comes from being content within.

I was so eager to ditch the Katie that had given me health and happiness for 21 years—but for what?

I hope that in sharing my struggle I can encourage others to stand strong against every person and every thing trying to change you.

There are going to be days you struggle and don’t want to even get out of bed (no not from being hungover) but because you feel worthless, inadequate. We’ve all been there. But stick with it. Know that if you get through the tough days without trying to “change” yourself, the good days will really be worth it.

I know when you’re feeling down its easy to move your focus to your exterior appearance and change something. The classic dye your hair a slightly different color (I’ve done this many times) or pierce something or lose weight. It’s all crap. Just a distraction. Although hair color and weight don’t cause you to completely lose your identity, it certainty leads you down that path.

In an ever-changing world, it’s easy to lose sight of who you really are. But take each opportunity as it presents itself, and enjoy the adventures life gives us. No matter how tempting it may seem, no change will ever be enough. So quit overthinking detox diets, Pinterest wish-lists and just work on your sole existence to live.


Happy Tuesday!

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Happy Wednesday!

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Love your body, love yourself!

Words of wisdom when you need it most

With the quarter winding down most of us are under mass amounts of stress! I’ve blogged about some ways to boost confidence, feel comfortable in your genes/jeans and adopting a self-loving attitude. But sometimes, all we need are some words of wisdom to get us through a tough week. With that being said, I’d like to share some of my favorite quotes that not only inspire me, but give me thoughts of happiness, toward myself and my outlook on life when I need it most! Enjoy :)

” It’s not what you look like, that makes you who you are
It’s what you do, that makes you who you are.”

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”
— Marilyn Monroe

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”
-Audrey Hepburn

“In every girl is a goddess.”
-Francesca Lia Block

“To lose confidence in one’s body is to lose confidence in oneself.”-Simone de Beauvoir

“Even the models we see in magazines wish they could look like their own images.”

-Cheri K. Erdman.

“Peace, Love, Hope and Confidence are the ingredients to good body image”.

-Dr Vivian Mehan

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” -Kahlil Gibran

Try and apply these to your own life, or even write one quote on your mirror with a marker. I have written “You are beautiful” on my mirror and it reminds me to leave my room with a loving attitude toward myself! Give it a shot!

Love your body, love yourself!’re worth it!

Hey everyone!

So thus far, I have blogged about body image, it’s relation to the media, styles that work for different body builds and a few others. But with the quarter winding down, I really want to break down my “love your body, love yourself” motto and focus on the “love yourself.” While embracing your body and womanly assets is something everyone should work toward, I think it is also vitally important to value yourself as a human being and everything you have to offer the world.

This past week, I have been so completely bogged down with studying for stats exams, econ homework and geology projects. On monday, I caught myself with a bad attitude and an extremely negative outlook on my future. Like any other distressed girl, I turned to my mom–who else?

My mom, one of the most positive and peppy people I know, reminded me that I am capable of ANYTHING that I set my mind to, and only I can get in the way of my goals.

I wanted to share this example, because while I was talking to my mom, it dawned upon me that I will never get anywhere if I don’t believe in myself. Of course I will fail an exam if I set myself up to do so.

I was reminded that if I don’t love and accept myself, how can I expect anyone else to?

Spring quarter in Athens is a great time to enjoy the weather, hang out with friends and anticipate the long summer break. But I’m sure you can agree with me that it has also been one of the most stressful quarters. Keeping up a strong G.P.A, scheduling classes for fall quarter and setting up a summer job can all easily sneak up on us and redirect our attitude to feelings of hopelessness.

But this is where YOU can grab the steering wheel. Remember that nothing can bring you down. Whatever long-term goals you set for yourself can be accomplished with the start of a self-loving attitude. Keep up the motivation, you are worth it!

Love you body, love yourself!

Don’t stress the beach body hype!

Have you ever seen the “50 BEST and WORST beach bodies” cover on a magazine such as US Weekly or STAR?

Why can’t someone just wear a swimsuit without it being pointed out that they have cellulite or stretch marks?

I have talked to so many people lately who have been putting way too much time into forming the perfect beach bod. Spending hours at the gym and putting yourself on a restrictive diet–it all seems worth it right? Wrong.

The fact of the matter is, summer vacation is meant to be a time for catching up with friends, relaxation and fun under the sun. The last thing you need is the stress of insecurity that you’re being judged by every one you come in contact with on your mind. You should never having a feeling of doubt while walking around in a swimsuit. Be proud of the beautiful body you were given! I know it may seem hard to ignore an individual who’s body you envy, but the truth is, that very individual could be admiring an asset on you that they wish they had.

“You always want what you can’t have” is such a true statement. We are constantly wishing we could have a chest size like Susie or stomach as skinny as Beth, that we don’t even realize how much time it is taking out of our day. If for one day  you were able to eliminate all of the time you spend comparing and judging what would you do?

It’s hard to imagine a world where idealized female beauty is not plastered all around us, but if you take the initiative to ignore the unrealistic messages of the media you can be one step closer to a more confident you.

Since when has the new “norm” for body types become so unnatural? A body with curves, lumps and bumps is the way it is supposed to be! You were not given a body to change and shape in accordance with the messages of the media. You were given a body to live life! Try and remember this message even when you are feeling a little self-concious in your more revealing summer clothing.

Enjoy the changing weather and try not to fester on your beach body worries. :)

Love your body, love yourself!

Feel comfortable in your “go to” closet essential

Last night my roommate and I were watching Chelsea Lately (my fave) and a commercial came on that literally made me laugh out loud. The commercial was advertising “pajama jeans.” All that went through my head was, “Pajama jeans?? What is our world coming to?”

It shouldn’t be that hard to find a pair of jeans that you feel comfortable in! Everyone knows jeans are an essential basic to any girl’s closet! On that note, I feel that it is incredibly important to have your “go to” pair of jeans. I’ve put together a few different looks of jeans that can work with different body types, because let’s face it–no one should be having to resort to a pair of pajama jeans!

          This is a pair of superskinny jeans. The fading at the top of the thigh and back by the pocket add a little flare while flattering those assets of your body. This pair of jeans is from Express, but superskinny jeans can be found in almost any clothing or department store.

     This pair of jeans is also a skinny style cut, but the wash is what makes them unique. The textured look isn’t too busy and it works with all different body types. These jeans are from Elder Beerman, but this hot trend is beginning to be sold in more and more stores.

     This pair of jeans is categorized by the flare. Flare jeans flatter almost all body types. If you aren’t comfortable wearing ultra-skinny jeans, a flare cut is a great option because the fit is a little less constricting, but still compliments all the right areas. These jeans are also from Express, but flare jeans have been around for ages, and never really go out of style.

     Jeggings (jean leggings) are all the rage these days. They can be worn with a longer top or dress, and even work with a more casual look like being paired with a printed zip-up jacket. Jeggings are comfortable (like pajama jeans) and really do look like actual skinny jeans! Jeggings also come in printed patterns, which is a fun way to show off your own personal style. These jeggings are from Marshalls but are becoming more commonly sold in popular stores.

  Gray jeans are definitely a hot trend. They are a great shade to accentuate your curves, but not as boring as your average pair of jeans. These jeans are from PacSun.

Wearing jeans all week doesn’t mean you can’t change up the look! There are many different styles, cuts and textures of jeans that really work with any body type.

Try to find a pair of jeans that work with your body, not against it. It is important to dress to express yourself, not to impress others. Shopping can be a stressful situation, but if you go into it with a positive attitude, chances are you will end up finding at least one pair of jeans you love.

Love your body, love yourself!

Healthy is the new skinny

This past weekend was mom’s weekend. In honor of the moms visiting, my sorority hosted a brunch. Of course I attended along with my mom..who passes up free eggs and bacon?

My mom and I proceeded to sit at a table with about four or five of my sorority sisters and their moms. We were having a great time talking and the moms were really getting to know each other. While we were eating, one specific topic was brought to the table that really caught my attention. One mom started discussing her success with the Weight Watchers program. She had lost a significant amount of weight and everyone was congratulating her on such a great triumph.

The conversation then progressed into how it seems like everyone is on a diet these days. Some moms were discussing how they wished they could eat the coffee cake from the brunch–but they didn’t want to spoil their diet. While mostly just listening, I couldn’t help but think how silly it seems to deprive yourself of a food in a social setting, just because you are afraid coffee cake will go straight to the thighs! Why are we so caught up in changing our bodies? Is it because we think that being “thin” leads to a happy, beautiful, controlled life? Because that is plainly ridiculous.

In my own experience, the more you deprive yourself of a food..the more you want it! Dieting is messing up your body’s natural rhythm. If you listen to your body it will tell you when you are hungry and when you are full. Granted, some people who struggle with obesity do need to lose weight, but in that situation, it is about changing the way you live, not just the food aspect.

Exercise, eating portions of all your food groups and a healthy lifestyle are what lead to a happy and healthy body. Putting yourself on a restrictive diet is simply not the answer.

I’m sure you’re wondering how all of this ties in with body image. I chose to write about food this week because I believe what you eat, or don’t, plays a huge role in the way you feel about yourself, and ultimately, your overall body image.

The truth is, putting yourself on a diet is not the solution to reaching a healthy body weight. A restrictive diet, will only cause you to think more about the food you wish you could be having, and you will feel miserable because you are hungry. If you listen to your body’s hunger queues while allowing yourself to have what you’re body is craving, you will not be led wrong.

Eating well and keeping an active lifestyle can help you feel better about yourself. By eating well, I mean eating things in moderation (sized portions) but allowing yourself to eat whatever you desire.

You should never restrict yourself from having what you may think is a “forbidden” food. Our body is a machine, and food is our fuel! Dieting can really interrupt your body’s metabolism, and chances are whatever weight you do lose on a diet, you’ll gain it all back. In reality, it is better to be thankful for the body you were given, and nurture it with foods that you enjoy. This week, I challenge you to remind yourself that you were only given one body, and spending time trying to alter your weight and bodily make-up is not worth it.  Don’t be so hard on yourself, and treat yourself to your favorite snack tonight!

Love your body, love yourself!

Ending a judgmental attitude

Ok, so you know what I’m talking about when I say the “up-down stare” right?

I’m talking about the look you get from other girls–and probably the look you give right back. Yes, judgment.

When it comes to walking to class, going out with your friends, or even working out in the gym it’s inevitable for judgment to occur. Girls are constantly comparing themselves to each other. Staring at each others make-up, hairstyle, clothing brands, jewelry style and body type.

Who are you really trying to impress when you get dressed in the morning? Are you dressing to please yourself? Or are you wearing certain clothing because it’s what other girls are wearing and you don’t want to be judged for looking different?

Girls can be so critical of each other. Sometimes I believe girls spend more time bashing and analyzing every asset of each other that they forget to focus on what really matters–whats on the inside.

The point I’m trying to make is that we should try not to judge others or dwell on the negative. I know it’s hard in this society to not judge when it seems like that’s all the media does, but try to challenge yourself to be less critical. By less critical, I mean toward yourself and others.

When you look in the mirror, don’t look to judge. Look for the things you love. Notice your assets, and appreciate them. When you’re walking through the dining hall, or sitting in class, try not to look at others and point out their flaws. Try to avoid negative judgements and point out the positive qualities in others.

If you make a small step toward being less critical, it just may rub off on the people you hang around with. We waste so much time judging others that we forget to actually live life. So shed the judgmental attitude and look to bring out the best in people! Try to spend less time judging yourself and see how much happier you can be!

Love your body, love yourself!

Imperfect beauty

Flabby arms, muffin top, thunder thighs, badonkadonk butt and an untoned abdomen. Why must we criticize our bodies in such harsh ways? People constantly complain and whine about imperfections of the one thing that gives us the ability to live, our bodies.

It still ceases to amaze me when I hear my friends, family, and other individuals speak about how much happier they would be if they could only change their height, or weight or hair color. Why do we feel that altering our appearance is going to make everything better?

It makes sense for individuals to feel incompetent or displeased with their bodily make-up when we live in a world that constantly promotes the latest diet, weight-loss remedy and every possible way to cover imperfections, but it is important to enjoy life rather than penalizing yourself for not having the “perfect body.”

Our imperfections are what set us apart from every other individual. They are what makes us special and beautiful. Just “disliking” your body can cause so much anger, frustration and pain. Instead of dwelling on legs that are too short and a stomach that is too fat, try to focus on how lucky you are to have a healithy functioning body.

We are born with one body, and have to live in that body for the rest of our lives. So why waste time trying to change something we have no control over?

The next time you hear someone nitpicking their body because it’s not identical to the model like figure they would rather have, remind yourself that your body and everything you were born with is imperfectly lovely.

Remember that it is never too late to learn to love one’s self. Live life to the fullest and remember that beauty really does come from the inside.

Love your body, love yourself!

Stylish Spring ensembles to suit your body

Spring is finally here!

Although most of the past week or so has been filled with April showers and the rainy weather calls for  rain boots and sweatshirts, it’s good to start thinking about the changing of styles that this new season brings us. Since the heat of Spring requires us to shed a few layers of clothing and show a little more skin, it’s important to feel confident in what you’re wearing. Feeling comfortable in your body type is the first step to a self-loving attitude, which brings me to my blog topic for today.

Spring is a time to enjoy the pleasant weather with your friends–the last thing you need is a feeling of self-conciousness holding you back from “rocking” what you’re wearing. From the help of my roommates and their model like attitudes, I have put together an outfit for a more “petite” body structure as well as a different look for a taller and long torso-like bodily make-up.

I put this look together for a taller more slender figure. The high-waisted skirt with the belt is a great opportunity for the use of accessories. With this body type, the belt works because it shows off her thin waist without cutting her torso too short. The striped skirt is also a great trend this Spring, while the shoes are a cute and clever way to stray from the ordinary flip-flops if youre not feeling a "heely" look.

I put this ensemble together for a more "petite" figure. The sundress is a simple way to create a flirty look and it takes almost no effort to put together. The espadrille wedges are a wonderful idea if youre looking to elongate those legs. The ribbons that tie up the ankle really add a touch of femininity to the outfit, and the yellow adds a great pop of color.

Both of these outfits are just ideas, and hopefully have sparked your inner fashion stylist. Remember it’s not about what you’re wearing it’s about how you wear it. So, open up those closet doors with a burst of optimisim and put together an outfit that suits your body type. Embrace your inner diva, walk out your door with all the confidence you’ve got and rock it!

Love your body, love yourself!